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Connor Creek Bridge Opens
Copalis Beach, WA

November 16, 2007 ~ The Connor Creek Bridge was dedicated and opened to the public on this day. Located at the end of Heath Rd off State Highway 109 in the North Beach town of Copalis Beach by the subdivision of Haven-by-the-Sea (just 5 miles north of Ocean Shores), this bridge will provide easy foot access to local residents and tourists, as well as emergency vehicles. It was constructed through the cooperation of the Washington State Parks, County and Local officials. The State Legislature appropriated about $334,000 through the State Parks capital budget. It will be maintained and managed by Grays Harbor County. Over the past several years, Connor Creek shifted north about four miles, cutting off beach access in Copalis Beach. But with this new bridge comes more selling opportunities for those looking for an affordable beach home in a small seaside town.

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