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Grays Harbor Bay
Ocean Shores, WA

Named after Captain Robert Gray, who sailed into this harbor on May 7, 1792.  Grays Harbor is the only deep water port on the Pacific Coast north of San Francisco (Aberdeen is the location of the port).  The views of the changing Bay waters due to the tides and weather are stunning.  Also offered are the gorgeous views of the Olympic Mountains, and Mt Rainier on a really clear day.  Enjoy bird and whale (primarily gray whales) watching; and sometimes you will see seals and baby seals beached on the marshy land when the tides are out.  Have fun crabbing, fishing and boating on these beautiful waters.

Homes line the Bay water's edge offering these beautiful views.  The Community Club's Bayshore Clubhouse is located on this Bay.

Click on Video Tour to see my video of the Bay.  Click on Video Tour to see my video of the Bay's stormy waters (taken on Christmas Day 2012 off Sunrise Ave).

My pictures below are from 2006-2021, with the most recent up top.

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