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2013 Winter Ice & Snow Storm
Ocean Shores, WA

December 6-9, 2013 ~ Ocean Shores, WA saw very unusual below freezing temperatures, reaching to lows of the high 10's and low 20's. It got so cold that the Grand Canal and parts of Duck Lake froze. In my ten years here, I have never seen that happen. We received some snow on the 6th and 8th.

If this happens again, here are some tips: keep your vacant home heated to at least 55 degrees, cover your outdoor faucets, and have your faucets run a small drip to help keep the pipes from freezing.

Click on 
Video Tour to see video of the ice and snow at the beach.

The 1st picture below is taken from the Overlake St Bridge over Duck Lake and yes, that is snow on top of the frozen Duck Lake waters. Take a look below at the Seagull walking on the Grand Canal....

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