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Independence Day 2018
Ocean Shores, WA

July 4, 2018 ~ Celebrating our Freedom and thankful for the Freedom we have in this Country!!!
Independence Day fell on a Wednesday this year, and it was packed but not as much as previous years. I went out onto the beach on July 3rd and it was a gorgeous night and sunset. I went out again on July 4th and the evening was calm and mostly cloudy, but very pleasant. There were a ton of people and fireworks. My friend from church and I found a great spot to light off our small fountains and sparklers and were next to a huge cordoned-off area where a group let off a ton of fireworks.
Independence Day is one of the greatest and most amazing sites visitors and locals can see along the Beaches of Ocean Shores and the North Beach. The beaches are lined with cars and people start packing it in the beginning of the late morning and afternoon. The fireworks can be heard as the days lead up to the 4th, but America's birthday brings the most unbelievable sites you will see as the sky is lit up with tons of colorful fireworks. There are personal firework displays one right after the other. To all of those who have not spent July 4th in Ocean Shores -- you must come out and see it for yourself.

Click on 
Video Tour to see my video of the Fireworks on the Beach.

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