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Flag Day Parade 2022
Ocean Shores, WA

June 11, 2022 ~ Ocean Shores honors Old Glory by holding its annual Flag Day Parade, one of the few parades left in the United States....patriotism still lives here! Rained threatened, but stayed away and it was a pleasant day.

We have many retirees who are veterans living in Ocean Shores, as well as current Military, Police and EMT. Parade watchers line Pt Brown Ave and W. Chance a La Mer Ave to watch the presentation of our Nation's Symbol by drill teams, politicians, companies, non-profit organizations, and local clubs, citizens, and military personnel.

There were over 60 entries, including my church, the Hoquiam Logger's Playday float, and BOOM!....the Pirate Ship Black Rose. What would a classic American parade be without cars?.....from Mini Coopers to the Teslas to Corvettes....these car owners revved their engines along the streets. Towards the end of the parade, local heroes were showcased, ie the Ocean Shores Fire and Police departments.

We respect and honor the symbol that unites us and represents our Country and our Freedom!!!

See more pictures below to get a view of this fun time. I did not get many pictures or videos because I was in the parade with my church, Ocean Shores Baptist Church ~ it was a blessed day!

Click on 
Video Tour to see my video of the Flag Day Parade 2022.

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