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Flag Day Parade 2009
Ocean Shores, WA

June 13, 2009 ~ Ocean Shores honors Old Glory by holding its annual Flag Day Parade. It is fun to see all of the people line Pt Brown Ave and W. Chance a La Mer Ave to watch the presentation of our Nation's Symbol by marching bands, politicians, companies, non-profit organizations, and local clubs and citizens. The Lt. Governor Brad Owen served as the Grand Marshall this year riding in a convertible. There were over 40 entries, including the Girl Scouts, the Habitat for Humanity Float, the Tillicum Middle School marching band, and many more. What would a classic American parade without the classic and muscle cars.....from the early 1930's to the brand new Corvettes....these car owners revved their engines along the streets. The most impressive show was the traditional entry and most notable of all of the floats....the Pirate Ships. The parade ended with showcase of local heroes...police, fire and EMT workers and their vehicles. See the pictures below of the fun time. Also, the Cutting Edge Kites put on their traditional kite flying show at the Chance a La Mer beach approach.

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