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2008 Winter Snow Storms
Ocean Shores, WA

December 20-22, 2008 ~ The Northwest was belted again with another snow storm. Not since about 1969 have we seen this much snow. Ocean Shores probably got upto a foot of snow. This time around, it was even more beautiful as everything was coated with this fresh powder. The bad part of these storms is that people were stuck everywhere without 4-wheel drive and without chains. I even had to drive into Aberdeen to pick-up chains for some clients of mine because I had a 4-wheel drive and they would have been stuck in Ocean Shores for days. But I did not mind one bit...I love to drive in the snow, especially fresh powder. It was an opportunity I gladly accepted. It was a very slow drive into Aberdeen/Hoquiam, but we were moving well on my drive back home. The snow lasted through Christmas, so we did have a White Christmas. It was lovely.
December 13-14, 2008 ~ Ocean Shores residents, and the rest of Western Washington, woke up to to the beautiful sites of fallen snow. It is rare for Ocean Shores to get snow, especially as much as we got, and it stuck. It was such as joy to go out Sunday morning and take all of the pictures you see below. I went all over the peninsula with the wind blowing and big snow flake flurries. The Jetty was very exciting to watch as the surf pounded the beach sand and the waves crashed on the Jetty rocks. If you have never seen a storm in Ocean Shores, I definitely suggest spending time down here in the Winter because it is a wonderful and unique sight to view.
After church, I had the opportunity to show some clients a home in Elma...and what a beautiful drive! The snow flakes were coming down in bug chunks and the roads were covered in snow and ice, which I had to be very careful driving. Luckily I have some experience driving on ice and snow. When we arrived at this Elma home, it was like seeing a picture straight from a magazine or postcard...absolutely beautiful.
Take a look at the pictures at the bottom of the page...I got some really nice shots of the Hoquiam River along Highway 101. I took these shots on my way back home from showing homes in Elma. I do hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed being out in the snow.
The following Monday and Tuesday mornings, we awoke to the beautiful sunrises along the Bay and enjoyed perfectly clear, yet very cold (below freezing) days.

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