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Winter 2009 ~ Stormy Waves Hit the Jetty
Ocean Shores, WA

November 7, 2009 ~ Starting a day before with wind and rain, Winter began in Ocean Shores. The skies cleared enough on Saturday the 7th and there was a beautiful spectacular at the Jetty. The winds were still high, about 30mph and up to 50mph, during the day. The daytime higher tides brought the waves pounding against the Jetty rocks. Many people, including myself, enjoyed the sites from atop the Jetty knoll, which overlooks the Jetty, Beach, Westport, Ocean and the opening of the Harbor. The swells coming into the Harbor were huge and awesome to watch. Some people were daring enough to stand out on the Jetty rocks and take their chances of getting soaked or possibly get knocked off the rocks by the power of one of the waves. The was also another unique thing that happened, which I have never seen in such a dramatic fashion: tons of foam from the Ocean waves washed up high onto the beaches.

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